Google Man and the Paper Bag Princess

I was captured for infamy at a Stag and Doe the Saturday night before Hallowe'en.  Having been stumped earlier in the day for a costume, I reached out for something unconventional.  I guess I was successful!  People seemed to love it, as I was told I had the best costume people had ever seen.  Glad to know I have fans!
Cat went as the paper bag princess and, especially considering her effort was about 4 times my own pinning paper bags to a bridesmaid's dress, I thought she looked way better than I did. 

Algonquin Park 2006

We went to Algonquin Park for 3 days/2 nights. First night we stayed in the Campgrounds at Canisbay Lake, and the second night we made an overnight backpacking trek to Maple Leaf Lake in the Uplands part of the park.

The second night, we had a fantastic campsite with a gorgeous location, wonderful swimming and a great view of the sunset.

Algonquin, August 2006
Aug 26, 2006 - 26 Photos

robin sighted bonding with vancouver native

My high school friend Robin married his university belle Lindsay this last Friday (June 23). Here is one of my favourite shots of the day. I love each expression caught here - the cheery bridesmaids, the enamoured newlyweds and the joyous officiant that just married them.

Cheers Robin! Posted by Picasa

Sick or what?

Yep, that's christmas in the harper-edmonds-bermingham household. Ya gotta love it! Posted by Picasa